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The Answer

“The Wilderness holds answers to more questions than we have yet learned to ask.” ― Nancy Newhall

„The Answer”, 2020, ©Dawid Planeta

When you want to make a good decision about anything in your life, you should do it in nature. When you are in the city, you are surrounded on all sides by things that are limited, restrained, finite. Everything around you is named, tamed, described and put into a box, it’s given a specific shape or it happens at specific time. If you are surrounded by limitations, numbers and borders, your mind is adjusting to that environment. That's the nature of the mind, to adapt. Your thinking becomes limited, logical – you don’t look for miracles and shortcuts, you don’t look for unusual connections anymore. But if you go to nature, if you take yourself outside of the box, to a place where you can literally see a big picture, you'll see how your big ideas start to live again. You are tuning into the environment of no limitations, full of life that is changing constantly, full of potential. This is a place where your decisions can really move your life forward. This is a place where you can see more of yourself and the world around you.