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Language of Spirits

„Open your ears to the ancestors and you will understand the language of spirits.” – African Proverb

"Language of Spirits", 2019, ©Dawid Planeta

Wa all have that voice guiding us, helping us navigate through life that just knows things we have never learned. Things nobody told us. This is the voice of spirits, voice of our ancestors, voice of our own wisdom that transcends what we think we are. We define ourself using words and names and forget about the unknown, forget about magic, about everything we are that cannot be put into words. We are so focused on this little box of things we know that we start to think thats all we are, and if we believe in that – that’s where the fear of losing it starts to take over our life. But if you start to give more space for the unknown, if you start to listen to your own wisdom, it will take you to places you have never even dreamed of. I believe that you are on your way.