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"The River of Life"

„God brings men into deep waters not to drown them, but to cleanse them.”
– John H Aughey
"The River of Life", ©Dawid Planeta, 2019

When he was old enough, the father said to him: it’s time for you to join me and learn about the river. Tomorrow you’re coming with me, my son.
That night the boy was dreaming about something dark, powerful and mysterious.
Next morning they were standing by the river, standing still, looking into water. Before we go – said father – you must pray and ask the river to let you in, to guide you, to help you find the way. Ask the river to help you find food and get back safely. But remember – the river can be dangerous, so whatever you think you see, and whatever you think you hear – it’s the river trying to decieve you. Just stay on the boat. This is where you’re safe.
As they were paddling up the river, the boy was looking in the water. It was dark and silent. – During the day the river sleeps – said the father – but it’s power is right there, just below the surface. If you look closely you can see moving shapes – those are the spirits of the people who were taken by the river. And be careful – if you look for too long, they can ensnare your soul and make you join them.
But the boy kept looking right into the river’s eyes – deep, dark and silent.

Since then they were going on the river many times – sailing up the river, spending some time catching fish and sailing back. Every time the boy was looking into the river’s eyes – and every time the river showed him a little bit more of what’s hidden under the surface – shapes, colors, movement, life. Every time a little bit deeper…