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"Sacred Space"

“Sacred space is not just an external place. It is an internal place as well.”
― Mat Auryn
„Sacred Space”, 2020, ©Dawid Planeta

Today I was going through some old pictures that I have never finished. I have many of them, waiting patiently for the right time, waiting for the doors of creativity to open and let them in. Sometimes it happens quickly, sometimes it takes years. Sometimes the picture is changing completely after that, sometimes it stays almost the same. I was looking for one particular picture today – a night scene with a big glowing eye looking from between the trees. I didn’t find it, probably it’s gone forever. Some of ideas appeared only in the process, than turning into something different, leaving only a memory. But I found this tree and felt like this is the time to finish it. It wants to be finished now. If you do the right thing in the right moment, it feels effortless, almost too easy. Like it’s happening by itself. That’s how it felt this time. A picture from the past coming back. I always consider the picture ready when I give it a title and quote. It’s like giving it a name. Making it alive and allowing it to go into the world by its own.